Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review.

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Where do I begin… Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released just 4 days ago. The only issue we have is not with the game, but with the serious lack of sleep. With a possible 74 fighters, over 1000 spirit characters and an unbelievable 108 stages Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has set the bar higher than ever before.  This is not an easy task to do with fighting series games. From the absolutely chaotic eight player button mashing fights to the more intense high-skill fighting needed for Hard Mode Spirit Adventure this game truly delivers on all levels!



 World Of Light – I Need More!


First thing i did at midnight was start the game and get drawn into the beautiful cinematic entrance that explains what is going on in the Spirit Adventure series. Now of course i rushed right over to see what it was about. While ultimately multiplayer is the main point behind Smash Bros, The single player mode is very well done. The map - which took me a total of 36 hours play time to clear is absolutely huge and filled with so much nostalgia. The Spirit system is made up of nearly 1300 characters or objects from video games throughout its beautiful history. With close to unlimited combinations fine tuning your team for every fight becomes somewhat addictive. The best part, each spirit is obtained by defeating that spirit in battles designed to pay homage to the character and game itself.

There is also a skill tree in World of Light that allows you to seriously buff your main character. Ours being link of course we went straight for the increased attack power with swords. Now there isn’t much story involved in World of Light but trust me when I say the last two hour of game play are absolutely amazing!



Classic Modes – Yes Please!


The Classic mode makes its triumphant return with a bit of a twist! With all fightable characters getting their very own custom-made gauntlet all loosely based around the characters themselves. Links being a battle throughout the hyrulian characters with a finale against Gannon himself. We also see the return of 100-man smash, now simply called Century Smash, All-Star Mode, and the terribly fun but frustrating Cruel Smash. All offering rewards that keep you entertained while exploring the Classic modes. What Really Impressed us is how one game can capture so many different characters, fighting styles, and stories into one amazing piece of work without it being too much or overdone. Good Job Masahiro Sakurai you WIN!




Album of the year goes to…… Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!


This game has undoubtedly the single best library of game music that you will ever see and the best part- you can hand pick which songs plays on each stage. Not to mention the fact that you can use your switch like a personal boom box, shut off the screen and just jam out to your favorite video game tunes. Just be careful as I definitely nodded off while listening to saria’s song from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.


Our Rating- Umm Can we go higher than 10?


Overall I am absolutely amazed at the first 4 days I have spent deep inside the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with really no end in sight. Whether you are playing handheld or console style this game will completely blow you away. We give Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and solid 11 out of 10 and will definitely have another review once we have managed to get through all the content!

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